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“Your course is extremely good; I appreciate that you explain the physical behavior of pull-up and pull-down resistors, and capacitors, & why they work, how they work in analog to achieve a digital interface. That is so important to understand, rather than jsut following instructions to connect components, Now I have the knowledge to properly design my own circuits, not only the logic, but the underlying electronic properties.”

Kristen Hill

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Certified Programming Courses

Python Programming

8,388 Students

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4.9 Rating

Embedded C Programming

4,543 Students

5.4 Hours

4.6 Rating

Certified Embedded and IOT Courses

Internet Of things

6,401 Students

9.5 Hours

4.5 Rating

IoT using Node-red

4,707 Students

9.5 Hours

4.4 Rating

8051 Microcontroller

5,925 Students

4.5 Hours

4.7 Rating


4,499 Students

3.5 Hours

4.4 Rating

Advanced Arduino

6,140 Students

7.1 Hours

4.8 Rating

Atmega 32 Microcontroller

avr microcontroller

1,243 Students

7.2 Hours

4.6 Rating

Eagle PCB Design

5,862 Students

3.5 Hours

4.7 Rating

easyEDA PCB Design

4,571 Students

3.2 Hours

4.6 Rating

Proteus PCB Design

avr microcontroller

4,980 Students

3.4 Hours

4.7 Rating

What our learners have to say about us!

Matti Harsu

“Excellent course. I strongly recommend, if you are interested about Arduino. In this course you can create very good concrete for Arduino related development. I took this course on top of the 8051 and AVR related micro controller courses and this packet was really educational.”

Shaun Rance

“It was the best online Course I ever attend and every single concept is cover in this course from basic to advanced! clearly understanding each and every concept Basics theory is also explained very nicely, it taught me a lot of practical ways that I can implement the arduino”

Advanced Arduino using Embedded System

Dipak Bore

“This is really a great course to get a start to your PYTHON carrier. Great learning techniques are implied in the course to keep you excited and to learn everything with easy and in a comfortable way. Exercises are really helpful, I myself had a great experience doing them.”

Tom Jehn

“Have watched some courses and read a couple of books over the last couple of months to get a grasp on programming. The instructor comes out of the gate with some practical and educational examples.”

Samayra Singh

“I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, I look for some additional content to this course. Doing well Amit Rana really like this course keep it up.”

Advanced Arduino using Embedded System

Latha S

“The instructor was absolutely excellent, as was the course content. A winner! Although I don’t understand accent some time,but course was absolutely best and trainer is so cool. I really love this course.”

Aniruddh Nagar

“This is a complete course with the best possible deliverable way. I would like to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn python in depth. It’s a real worth for money.”

Ravikumar Kuppusamy

“I have been rigorously studying this course from past few weeks, I already know python a bit. But you made my knowledge more stronger. Thanks for that Amit I am looking for more courses.”

Advanced Arduino using Embedded System

Sunil Menhdiratta

“Amit has put his efforts on the course; all the source code, the slides. I began with a fairly mediocre knowledge of Python but this course served as a great launch pad for my knowledge.”

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With total 12 years of experience in Training and Development, we’ve reached in almost every country in globe where technology is learnt!!!

We firmly believe that with right guidance, anyone can learn and excel in using technologies. We do this by writing technical tutorials and creating highly engaging video learning content around a variety of different technologies including internet of things, programming, embedded system and PCB Design. All our courses are beginner friendly and perfectly suitable even if you’re complete newbee in technical field. Learn Technologies Online easily with kitflix.

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Learn with years of product development experience to create a master problem solving mindset with kitflix.

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Learn embedded systems and learn Internet of things and ask as many question as you want on the topic to sharpen your embedded systems skills

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One of the best place on internet where you will find best quality video courses on embedded systems and internet of things

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All our courses will give equal importance to theory as well as practical to create a perfect learning experience for you

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