Echo it is terms indicates reflection of sound. This means when sound is collide with obstacle it will get reflected back. Same thing we can do in playme. Here instead of sound we can echo message in text form may a number, letter or words. To complete this we have to follow below steps:

  • Goto mblock software and open it.
  • Goto edit menu and select Arduino mode.
















Playme Robot Program is a Header file for Robot programming. It makes programming simple. By using this we can access all blocks easily and smoothly. If we are not using this then it may give us errors in program. So put this at start of program.Select block Send to Computer and drag it in programming window. This block will help us to write value on computer window. Value can be text message, numbers, letters.

Connect Send to computer block to playme Robot Program.

Take Read from Computer Block

Insert that block to sent to computer.

Now save program.

Give name to program.

Select COM port

Click on Upload Arduino option

After uploading is done you will get this message.

Click on close option.

Again go to Serial port and select COM port

And see output of your program

You can see this response which is not distance. To get proper message select Char mode for both send encode mode, recv encode mode.