Beginners Masterclass Into Internet of Things


Learn Internet of Things in the simplest possible way with Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Azure

We firmly believe that anyone can learn and excel in technologies

With strong desire to learn and proper guidance!!!
Thats why We’ve created this beginners masterclass into IoT online course for anyone to excel in Internet of things and fly high in your career or your the next big startup idea!!!

Are you trying to learn IoT online?

Internet of Things, is the next big thing!!!

You’re trying to learn IoT online… Thats great!!! But you don’t know where to start and an easy getting started into it. 
Learning IoT can be very confusing especially if you’re new to technology and electronics domain

May be you’re confused in hardware and software

You’re not alone!!!
Learning IoT involves many thing like dealing with hardware controllers, sensors and cloud domain. On both cloud and hardware, you have to deal with software programs associated and it can be very confusing to learn iot online with these restrictions

Stop Struggling to Learn IoT

I’ve created a course which will enable you to learn and experiment with IoT in a very easy way
I firmly believe that anyone regardless of their education and skills can not only learn but excel in experimenting with IoT including all the hardware and software skills.
This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!
Hi, My name is Amit Rana, I’m an engineer, programmer and trainer
I have created “Beginners Masterclass into internet of things” to help people like you learn IoT with Raspberry Pi and cloud technologies.

If you’ve always wanted to
  • Start or shift your career to Internet of things
  • Get better in your existing work
  • Kick start your next dream IoT startup
  • Start your own blog and youtube channel, probably online course on this ever growing industry
… then this course is specially for you.

This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!
IoT is interconnecting various things and devices to send and receive data from internet enabling variety of applications
In this IoT online Course, there are number of different aspects of IoT that we’re going to study. First, we’ll understand the basics of IoT and what are the different hardware and software platforms needed for it. We’ll then use raspberry pi as our controller for this course and see how we can make it up and running. We’ll see how to write python programs for various interfaces like relays and sensors. Once we get confident about raspberry pi, we’ll then explore IoT with Microsoft azure and few more platforms. With something like Microsoft azure, you can create any kind of system you want, we’ll see how to push data there, how to see data visualization using PowerBI,
How to save data and how to create our own custom app over there.
After Microsoft azure, we’ll see some other popular platforms like thingspeak and adafruit IO and try to create a complete home automation project using raspberry pi.

This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!
In This Course, you’ll learn and experiment on:
  • What is IoT and why learning it is important
  • How to implement IoT, what are the required softwares and hardware for IoT
  • What is Raspberry pi and how to setup raspberry pi for first time use
  • Introduction to Python programming with raspberry pi
  • Interfacing of various sensors and output devices with raspberry pi
  • Python programming to control home appliances and read sensors
Microsoft Azure IoT and Cloud Platforms
  • Communication protocols in IoT
  • What are different Cloud platforms used for IoT, what is PaaS and SaaS products
  • Creating account on Microsoft Azure and learning
  • What is IoT Hub creation and its various pricing
  • Pushing data to IoT hub from raspberry pi
  • Data Storage using Blobs
Data Visualization and Logic
  • What is PowerBI?
  • Creating account on PowerBI
  • Using PowerBI with Raspberry pi and Azure IoT Hub for creating reports
  • Create real time web app for data visualization
  • Create Custom Logic app to trigger and email from Azure
  • Creating account on thingspeak
  • send data from raspberry pi to thingspeak
  • Use HTTP to send data
Adafruit IO
  • Deeper understanding of what is MQTT protocol
  • Using adafruit IO for creating IoT project using MQTT protocol
  • Complete Home automation project using Raspberry pi and Adafruit IO
What this course will do for you?
  • Give you a clear understanding of what is IoT?
  • Take you from a complete fresher to an experienced Raspberry PI user and programmer
  • Understand IoT protocols
  • Design your IoT systems
Who Should Enroll?
  • Complete Beginners into IoT and Raspberry Pi
  • People who understand little in IoT and want to learn Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Freshers as well as experienced one’s
This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the most preferred choice for learning internet of things due to being very powerful, versatile yet very affordable complete computer to learn and develop applications. We’ll study raspberry pi from scratch in this course. The programming language used throughout the course is Python


  • No Prior Raspberry Pi knowledge required
  • No Prior Python Programming Knowledge requiredThe embedded systems block diagram shows mainly 3 components of embedded system.

Microsoft Azure

In this course, Microsoft Azure IoT hub is studied in detail. There are hands on exercises to create iot applications with microsoft azure iot hub including

  •  IoT hub Creation
  • Data Telemetry
  • Data Storage on Azure
  • Data Visualization using PowerBI
  • Creating Custom Web App
  • Logic App Creation


Sensors and Interfaces

Throughout the course, we’ll be studying about a variety of interfaces with raspberry pi. There are sensors and interfaces which are widely used in embedded systems and IoT applications.  

  • Using GPIO of Raspberry pi as input and output pins
  • Interfacing with LED and Switches
  • Raspberry Pi  interfacing with Relay to turn on/off home appliances
  • DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Raspberry Pi SenseHAT temperature, humidity, pressure sensors


Meet your Instructor 

Amit Rana,  a passionate electronics engineer, developer and trainer!!!

Amit has installed more than 250 different projects in industries and have trained more than 50000 students across 147+ Countries



"The Different concepts helped in developing skills and strategy, I have already suggest this course to my friends, got best thing

Kristen Hill

"Explanation is awesome... Before this course I did not have any idea about how arduino works but after learning from here it is very clear... All thanks to the course instructor"

Ritesh Kumar Rai

"very interesting, very easy to learn. One problem is that I need to put the volume very high to be able to hear you well. But everytime the music start very load. It has nothing to do with the course but anoying when listening to the course when every body is sleeping."

Yves Divry


“Wonderful place to learn….!”

An awesome place to learn and experiment complete Electronics and emerging technologies, which will definitely help you to build a great career.

“The lectures were very interesting and make me eager to listen!”

The lectures were with real-time examples so I was able to understand better. It was clear and understandable. There was a good Interaction with students.

“Good explanations and practice”

Excellent One, course delivery is what I personally appreciates,Recommend for beginners and even for experienced person.

Join Beginners Masterclass into IoT if…


You want to excel in your job

You’ve heard of the recent trends about Internet of things and want to switch to an exciting and growing opportunity in your job


Explore IoT as thriving opportunity

You’re a fresher and you’re trying to find an Industry which has just begun and is going to grow exponentially in coming decade


Finish Your project

You’re working in IoT already or are a student, and need an experienced person to assist you


Kick start your next dream startup!!!

You’re ready to start working on that dream idea of yours

This is not just a course of video series. This Course comes with a lifetime instructor support where you can ask any and every query you have, forever!!!

Q. Is it true that I can get all this information for free on internet? Then why this course?

The answer is “yes”
absolutely you’ll get all the information shared and taught in this course for free on internet. But to make use of those information, you’ll have to juggle through countless old blog posts and videos and non-working source codes and circuit diagram. With this course, you’ll save all that time and get a clean information from single source which is perfectly crafted for learning. Moreover, any non-working code or circuit, you don’t have to figure out anything, just post a question and you get the answer.

Q. I have raspberry pi but no sensors or SenseHAT, is it okay?

Absolutely fine. Even if you don’t have sensor or SenseHAT, you can use the built-in SenseHAT emulator on Raspberry pi and complete all tasks

Q. I don’t have Raspberry Pi is it okay?

You can still do all the exercises in course on PC (except sensor interfacing)
But its better if you buy a raspberry pi 🙂

Q. I have some other question

Please send us a message and we’ll be happy to assist you with any of your queries

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

Truly, you’ll have access to the course forever

Q. Why not offer the course free?

The course price we offer is carefully crafted keeping in mind many things, most importantly
  • You have lifetime access to this course and all its updates over time
  • The course payment helps us keep the platform alive and give you unparalled personalized support

Q. Can I request more content?

Absolutely!!! We love to add content upon student requests.

Q. Can I ask my questions even after completing the course

Yes, we know that there will be very little doubts while you’re learning. Everything seems obvious. But when you start making projects, then the real questions and doubts will hit you, and that’s exactly where we shine. We will answer your real time project queries as well.


Enjoy a 100% money back guarantee.

After going through our course,  if you haven’t learned the Raspberry Pi, Internet of things or anything related, then we don’t want your money. That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply send us an email and ask for a refund, up to 30 days after your purchase. Till now, We can count the number of refunds on one hand. All our students are satisfied and you will be too.

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