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What Will You Learn?

Course 1 : Learn the Art and Science of PCB Design with Eagle

Basics of Printed Circuit Board

Creating Schematic With Eagle

Create First SIngle Sided PCB with Eagle

Copper Pour

SMT based Schematic (FTDI Project)

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

Manufacturing Guide

Eagle Software Installation

Eagle Installing External Libraries

Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics

Double Sided PCB Design

SMT and Double Sided PCB Design

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

Print a Single Sided PCB

Creating Project With Eagle

Single Sided PCB Design

Single Sided PCB Design Hands on

All about SMT Components

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

Gerber File Extraction

Library and Schematic 

First PCB Layout, the proper placement of component

Creating PCB Project

Surface Mount Devices in Eagle

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

Manufacturing Guide

Generate Bill Of Materials

Course 2 : PCB design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES

Proteus ISIS and ARES Course Introduction

Project on Single Sided PCB Design

Additional Design Guidelines

Double Sided PCB Design

Attaching Footprint of SMD Components

How To Decide Trace Width For Required Current

Fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Design

Project PCB for Single Sided PCB Design

Print Layout for Manual PCB Making

Using Surface Mount Design Components

PCB Design using SMT Components

Download All Libraries and Models

Process of PCB Design

Dimensions And Holes

Adding Copper Pour

Creating Custom Parts

Introduction to SMT Components

Creating Custom Parts and PCB Design Tips

How To Decide Trace Width For Required Current

Designing your First PCB

How to use Autorouter in Proteus ARES

Generate Gerber Files

Creating SMD Component in Proteus

Logic Apps On Azure

Creating Custom Part

Practice Circuits

Course 3 : PCB Design for everyone with EasyEDA a free and online tool

Introduction to PCB Design

Single Sided PCB Design

Placing Jumper

Double Sided PCB with SMT components

Single Sided PCB Design

555 based PCB Project

Export PCB for hand making

Exporting Gerber File

Single Sided PCB Design

PCB Design tools

Export PCB for hand making

Creating Custom Part in easyEDA

Single Sided PCB Design

PCB Design tools

Understanding SMT Components

Creating Custom Part in easyEDA


6 Full PCB Projects

Monthly Live Q and A

Lifetime Instructor Support, ask any of your questions, for life


‘It was very easy to follow, and I learned a lot about designing PCBs with Eagle. I really enjoyed taking this course as it was very informative and I learned more than I expected to learn.”

Yil VerdejaYil Verdeja

“As an absolute beginner on Schematics and PCB designs, I enrolled for this course and after completing it, I can confidently make my own designs.”

Chukwuemeka Harrison UdemezueChukwuemeka Harrison Udemezue

“The advantage of this course is its conciseness. I can learn basics of pcb within 5 days spending 1 hour a day after my regular job. This is a great course for people who want to get started with PCB designing”


“This entire course has been wonderful I will definitely take up your advice seriously and practice regularly Feeling great to have completed.”

Gulabi MandalGulabi Mandal

‘I recommend this course because it start from zero and the professor explain clearly all the concepts, but I recommend this course if you are a new user of Eagle or new in electronics field.”

Pablo GarciaPablo Garcia

“It was a good match for me because I’ve never design my own board, and the explanation is really easy to understand. waiting for more content.”

Cristian FlorescuCristian Florescu

“Kind a “crash course” throws you right into designing a board exactly what I was looking for. As the author says in the intro creating a course like this is very difficult because of the wide range of background people taking the course must have.”

Abdoulaye BoubakariAbdoulaye Boubakari

“This entire course has been wonderful I will definitely take up your advice seriously, practice regularly Feeling great to have completed.”

Iman Herlambang SuhermanIman Herlambang Suherman

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The answer is “yes”
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You have lifetime access to this course and all new additions to it

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Offcourse you can. We love to add contents based on user requests

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Yes, we know that there will be very little doubts while you’re learning. Everything seems obvious. But when you start making projects, then the real questions and doubts will hit you, and that’s exactly where we shine. We will answer your real time project queries as well.

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Experiment Worry Free!!!

No Questions Asked 14 Days Money back Guarantee