Learn the Art and Science of PCB Design with Eagle


Learn Circuit Design with the most widely used PCB design tool in the world, Eagle!

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Learning PCB Design used to be hard. But not anymore.

I believe that anyone can learn and excel in printed circuit board design, with a willingness to learn and proper guidance. And hence I’ve created this course with my 10+ years of experience in electronics design, especially for beginners in electronics design to learn about PCB Design

What topics are covered inside this course?

Let me show you…

In Electronics Designing, creating PCBs is one of the most fundamental parts, not only it’s fun and exciting but also it’s super easy if you have the right tools and instructions.

What Will You Learn in this PCB Design’s online Course??


I firmly believe that anyone, irrespective of experience, age or technical background can learn and experiment with technologies. With the single goal in mind, I’ve created this Course on PCB Design Using Eagle Tool, You will definitely 

  • Improved confidence level with better technical skills, for hobby or academics or your profession
  • Learn Circuit design and PCB Design with the most powerful and most widely used tool Eagle!
  • Be able to create single and double-sided PCB Designs
  • Understand the use of Eagle for PCB Design
  • Understand the Gerber file and export Gerber file for production
  • Be an awesome electronics designer at a very low time!!!
  • Start designing your boards!!!

Introduction To Eagle

PCB design in EAGLE is a two-step process. First you design your schematic, then you lay out a PCB based on that schematic. EAGLE’s board and schematic editors work hand-in-hand. A well-designed schematic is critical to the overall PCB design process. It will help you catch errors before the board is fabricated, and it’ll help you debug a board when something doesn’t work.

  • Software Installation and Creating First project
  • Library and Schematic
  • Single-Sided PCB Design
  • Single-Sided PCB Design Hands-on
  • Create a microcontroller-based schematic and its PCB
  • Learn how to use the copper pour for adding ground planes
  • Learn How to create a custom component and creation of a custom library
  • Use the autoroute feature in Eagle for PCB Design

Clearly, Understand the Difference between Single  and Double-sided PCB


You can likely guess what the significant difference is between these two types of PCBs based on their names. Topics to be covered  in single and double-sided PCB Design

  • Create First Complete Schematic in Eagle
  • Practice with these easy to schematics and create layouts for 
  • First PCB Layout, the proper placement of the component
  • Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics
  • Double-Sided PCB Design with Eagle
  • Double-Sided PCB Design ( Hands-On)
  • Adding Copper Pour to Eagle PCB
  • Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle

Single-Sided PCB Design Hands-on, 


 Hands-on assignment for single-sided PCB design, I’ve given 3 schematics to you with proper components selected from the library to be used on single-sided PCB, you’ve to create artworks for the same. Schematics are already drawn and all you need is just to draw proper single-sided artwork

  • Create a simple circuit and its PCB
  • First PCB Layout, the proper placement of the component
  • Create First Single-Sided PCB with Eagle
  • Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics
  • Creating Schematic With Eagle
  • Eagle Installing External Libraries
  • Creating Projects for Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle

All about SMT Component !!

  • SMT components or Surface mount technology are the devices usually come in small size that to its through hole component.
  • It is mainly used for reducing size of board.
  • As it is surface mounting while routing its track are on the same side of component body
  • Learn how to rout using SMT components
  • Make single sided PCB using all SMT components
  • Use SMT components for double sided PCB

Create Custom Library Component in Eagle

 If you don’t find Schematic diagram or pcb layout of your device, then it’s been fun to create your own component.

  • While designing component you will understand how to read Datasheet of that component for exact and accurate detailing
  • Will learn what are the precaution?
  • Create your own library
  • Make sure that component size is proper and ready to use

You’ll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

With more than 10 years of experience in teaching circuit design to thousands of students from ages 10 to 60, you can count on me that I know my subject well. Join now to start designing PCB’s for your hobby project or for your next tech-startup


Who’s behind this?


Amit Rana is a passionate electronics engineer, developer and trainer. !


Have been running a design and training firm from 2009, Amit Rana has a vast experience of Designing number of different electronics systems and projects using microcontrollers and related technologies. Successfully running 3 different companies all working with electronics and robotics technologies.  As Director of Vidya Robotics, the company he founded in India, we intend to bring the technology and robotics out of school labs to to every home  by creating educational robotics products and education

A passionate learner, Amit’s main skill is training, his first job was a Lecturer and from then, he loves training people on technology and doing development with technology. Amit’s main hobby is to experiment with every new controller, processor and board available in market and doing some project development with it and so he loves to teach whatever he does. With over 10 years of training experience, he has gained command on how to train from even the newest person the myths of electronics and technology. Amit has trained more than 10000 students so far

"It was very easy to follow, and I learned a lot about designing PCBs with Eagle. I really enjoyed taking this course as it was very informative and I learned more than I expected to learn."

Yil Verdeja

"I enjoyed this course a lot, it was easy to follow. Once I got into it it was hard to stop. Thank you for this amazing course."

Jedaiah Ghumm

"Wonderful experience .Kick starter for beginners.It will be helpful if Course instructor share his ppt for better understanding."



“Wonderful place to learn….!”

An awesome place to learn and experiment complete Electronics and emerging technologies, which will definitely help you to build a great career.

“The lectures were very interesting and make me eager to listen!”

The lectures were with real-time examples so I was able to understand better. It was clear and understandable. There was a good Interaction with students.

“Good explanations and practice”

Excellent One, course delivery is what I personally appreciates,Recommend for beginners and even for experienced person.

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Don’t worry! You won’t be bogged down with tons of theory and complex equations. We’ll start off with the basics of PCB Designing.You’ll learn in a fun, practical manner with lots of practice you’ll be able to graduate to the more advanced content in no time.

You’ll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

So, why join the PCB Design with Eagle Course?


Established for Over 10 Years

We’ve been training students from over 65+ Countries from past 10 years


Over 10,000 Graduates

Trained more than 10000 students so far.


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Learn from actual developers with lots of practical tips and tricks


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Have questions in your mind? Here are some answers that might satisfied you!!!


When Does The Course Start and Finished ?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


How Does Support work?

You’ll get personalized support by the instructor itself, you can drop him an email right away about things you want to ask, or can ask questions in course


How Long Do I have Access To The Course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


Is There a Refund Policy?

We have given Lectures for free preview to understand teaching method, sign up now and watch all free videos from course. We believe every serious learner appreciates the efforts involved in creating a course and making it available online and hence we do not offer refunds after enrolling.

Enjoy a 100% money back guarantee.

After going through our course,  if you haven’t learned the PCB Designing or anything related, then we don’t want your money. That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply send us an email and ask for a refund, up to 30 days after your purchase. Till now, We can count the number of refunds on one hand. All our students are satisfied and you will be too.

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We believe everyone can learn technology regardless of their age and educational background. And hence we’ve created online courses to learn technologies for everyone.
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