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Are you Trying to Create Arduino Projects?

  • Do you feel lost in all the online tutorials and blogs and codes that don’t work?
  • Are you feeling you should have someone by your side to solve any problem that comes in experimenting?
  • Are you tired of trying out the codes on internet that probably don’t work or get stuck someplace?
  • Are you getting confused by all the different arduino boards and which one to use?
  • You’re creating some projects and you don’t have a clue how to solve the problem you’re facing with hardware and software?
  • Do you want a proper guidance on how to use various sensors and interfaces with arduino board?

Everyone trying to learn it by themselves face the same problems. You are not alone and I can help.

Amit Rana

About Amit Rana

Amit Rana is an Industrial Consultant for Internet of Things and Embedded Systems. He’s a Product Development Specialist in Electronics and also an Online and Corporate Trainer.

His online students count is more than 25000 and spans more than 149 Countries across the globe

He has Worked on multiple Embedded technologies and devices for development of customized embedded solutions for industries and various product development requirements.


M.E. Electronics, 12 Years of Experience.

Engineer, Developer and Trainer, Founder of Kitflix.com

25000+ Students

149+ Countries

4.8/5 Ratings

What Will You Learn?

When you Enroll to this Arduino Learning MasterClass, you’ll learn everything that is needed for anyone to become and arduino expert quickly. All the important interfaces, programs and sensors and protocols are included in this course which you can start experimenting on Immediately

Arduino From Scratch

Embedded C Basics

Digital IO

LEDs Buzzer Interface

Relay Interface

Serial Port Interface

AC Device Switching

PWM Output

Analog Inputs

LM35 Interface

Lignt Sensor Interface

Keypad Interface

Breadboard Tutorial

Motor Driver Interface

Servo Motor Interface

DC Motor Interface

Ultrasonic Sensors

DHT11 Interface


LCD Interface

SPI Protocol

I2C Protocol

RTC DS1307

SD Card Interface

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Detailed Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Course Introduction To Course

Chapter 2: Introduction To Embedded System 

2. Introduction to Embedded System 1
3. Introduction to Embedded System 2
4. Embedded System devices_ microprocessors and microntrollers
5. About Arduino microcontrollers
6. Introduction to Arduino Boards_ Arduino UNO

Chapter 3: Introduction To Arduino Board and Its Programming 

7. Intro To Arduino Programming
8. Getting Started with First Program
9. Arduino Simulation using Tinkercad

Chapter 4: Difference between C Syntax of Arduino and C Coding 

10. How Arduino is Different from C

Chapter 5:Breadboard

11. Concepts around Breadboard

Chapter 6: LED Interfacing

12. Interfacing of LEDs with Arduino
13. Arduino Programs and its simulation using Tinkercad
14. Multiple LED Blinking using Arduino
15. Assignment on LED Programming
16. LED Interfacing: Quiz

Chapter 7: Buzzer

17.  Buzzer interfacing with Arduino
18. Arduino programming for Buzzer

Chapter 8: Switch Interfacing

19. Introduction to Switches
20. Switch and LED interface using Arduino
21. Multiple switches and LEDs interfacing
22. Digital output sensor acting as a Switch

Chapter 9:Serial Port

23. Introduction to Serial Communication
24. Serial Communication Program
25. Reading data from Computer
26. Device Control Using Serial Communication
27. Device Control Using Serial Communication_simulation
28. Up-Down counter Using serial communication

Chapter 10: LCD 

29. Liquid Crystal Display and Arduino
30. Arduino Programming with LCD

Chpater 11. Keypad 

31. Concepts around keypad

Chapter 12: Analog Input 

32. Introduction Analog To Digital Converter
33. ADC Concepts
34. Digital Voltmeter
35. LM35: Temperature Sensor
36. Digital Thermometer

Chapter 13: LDR

37. Light Dependent Resistor
38. Getting values from LDR and Arduino

Chapter 14: Ultrasonic Distance Sensing

39. Introduction to Ultrasonic Sensor
40. Interfacing of Ultrasonic sensor using Ardunio

Chapter 15: DHT Sensor 

41. Interfacing of DHT22 with Arduino

Chapter 16: Relay Interfacing 

42. Switching Devices with Arduino
43. About Relay and switching
44. Relay and Arduino Interfacing

Chapter 17: EEPROM 

45. Introduction to EEPROM interfacing with arduino

Chapter 18: DC Motor Interfacing 

46. Introduction to DC motor
47. DC Motor Interfacing with Arduino

Chapter 19: Servo Motor Interfacing

48. Servo Motor and Arduino
49. Servo Motor interfacing and programming

Chapter 20: PWM 

50. Introduction to Pulse Width Modulation
51. PWM on Arduino
52. Fading Using PWM

Chapter 21: I2C

53. Introduction to Inter IC Communication Protocol
54. I2C Library
55. BH1750 : Digital Light Sensor
56. Programming Arduino with BH1750 and BMP180

Chapter 22: RTC

57. Introduction to Real Time Clock
58. Interfacing of RTC with Arduino
59. Date and Time display using RTC

Chapter 23: SD Card

60. SPI Based MicroSD card and Arduino
61. SD card interfacing with Arduino

Chapter 24: Resources: PDFs and All Codes: Download the resources for the entire course which includes

62. PDFs
63. Source Codes
64. File Download

Course Reviews

“Excellent course. I strongly recommend, if you are interested about Arduino. In this course you can create very good concrete for Arduino related development. I took this course on top of the 8051 and AVR related micro controller courses and this packet was really educational.”

Matti HarsuMatti Harsu

“A very good course, with a very good teacher!! I Learned a lot.The Different concepts helped in developing skills and strategy, I have already suggest this course to my friends, got best thing”

Marcos RodriguezMarcos Rodriguez

“Lots of detail and well structured presentation”

Danie ClaassenDanie Claassen

“It was the best online Course I ever attend and every single concept is cover in this course from basic to advanced! clearly understanding each and every concept Basics theory is also explained very nicely, it taught me a lot of practical ways that I can implement the arduino”

Shaun RanceShaun Rance

“Explanation is awesome… Before this course I did not have any idea about how arduino works but after learning from here it is very clear… All thanks to the course instructor.”

Kristen HillKristen Hill

“So far so good. waiting for the cream.”

Mohammed WosaibiMohammed Wosaibi

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Frequently asked questions

Is it true that I can get all this information for free on internet? Then why this course?

The answer is “yes”
absolutely you’ll get all the information shared and taught in this course for free on internet. But to make best use of those information, you’ll have to juggle through countless old blog posts and videos and non-working source codes and circuit diagram. With this course, you’ll save all that time and get a clean information from single source which is perfectly crafted for learning. Moreover, any non-working code or circuit, you don’t have to figure out anything, just post a question and you get the answer.

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The course price we offer is carefully crafted keeping in mind many things, most importantly
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How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to this course and all new additions to it

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Offcourse you can. We love to add contents based on user requests

Can I ask my questions even after completing the course?

Yes, we know that there will be very little doubts while you’re learning. Everything seems obvious. But when you start making projects, then the real questions and doubts will hit you, and that’s exactly where we shine. We will answer your real time project queries as well.

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Surely, check it out here learn.kitflix.com

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Our Pricing is kept very affordable to just be able to run the platform, so sorry, we don’t offer refunds but I assure that you’ll get 10x value from the course itself.

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