TV remote and its sensor:

Television is an effective and popular medium through which we can get information as well as entertainment. We can get information about things which are happening in world. We are changing channels through its Remote and get connected to different information. When a particular button of remote is pressed channel is going to be changed. We can change settings of TV with remote .But do you really know how remote helps to change these things?

It’s very interesting thing to know. There is no wire between them. How it is working??

Do you know this remote an be used to control Playme?? Before doing this lets understand its basics.TV remote is having Infrared transmitter in it. Which helps to send commands to TV . It is nothing but Infrared LED which acts as transmitter.

TV set or setbox is having receiver. Which is TSOP receiver. It helps to decode transmitter information and gives proper response.

In our playme we are using TSOP 1738 receiver. It has 3 pins Ground, VS ,OUTPUT.

It is used to decode signals coming from TV remote. In play me we are going to use it for making Led ON/OFF, moving robot in direction.

Program for TV Remote controlled operated Robot:

  • Goto mblock software and open it.
  • Goto edit menu and select Arduino mode.

















Playme Motor Program is a Header file for Robot programming. It makes programming simple. By using this we can access all blocks easily and smoothly. If we are not using this then it may give us errors in program. So put this at start of program.





Figure 8: Loop Selection

Here we are using loop. Loop is area which will be repeated for certain times depending upon its type. If we write anything inside loop then it will be repeated along with loop. Forever loop means program will run continuously. For example if we write a program to run motor in forward direction with forever loop then it will run until we remove power applied to it.

In this we are taking one more loop i.e. if loop. If loop is used to check condition. If condition is true then and then only it will run program inside it.




Put that if loop inside forever loop. Because we want to run this program again and again.

Take IR Remote pressed block. This consists of list of TV remote buttons. You can select any button from it.


Put that block inside if loops condition.


Now take Left LED block and put it inside if loop. This will helps us to make LED ON/OFF. In this case we are taking IR Remote button number 2 and LEFT LED HIGH. This indicates when button 2 of TV remote is pressed then Left LED will be ON.

Take another if loop and IR remote Pressed block . Now choose TV remote button number. Here we have taken 8 and we are making Left LED low . Means when button is pressed Left Led will go OFF.



Similarly do this for Right Led. Choose buttons and make it HIGH & lOW for each

This is complete program for TV remote. When button 2 is pressed Left Led will be ON. When button 8 is pressed Left Led will be OFF. When button 4 is pressed Right Led will be ON. When button 6 is pressed Right Led will be OFF.



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