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Printed Circuit Design with Eagle

Learn the art and science of PCB design with industry’s most widely used PCB Design tool Eagle. This hands on driven course will make any newbee start designing single and double sided PCB’s in a matter of a week

29 Courses


Python Programming for Everyone

Get started with and excel python programming in the shortest possible time. This course teaches you python programming in the record low time and you’ll feel confident about coding from the first day of this course. Learn Python Programming online easily with this course

61 Lectures


PCB Design with easyEDA

Learn PCB Design without any costly software, with easyeda: a free online and powerful tool for professional PCB Design. easyEDA is a 100% free Cloud based CAD tool for designing professional level PCBS with built in PCB ordering system.

18 Lectures


Internet of Things

Get started with the internet of things with esp32 microcontroller. Create a live home automation project with esp32, sensors and device control. All under just 3 hours

20 Lectures

Learn Arduino without Coding

Using simple drag and drop blocks, you can learn and mater arduino programming even without knowing anything about coding at all. Create different projects and learn arduino with ardublockly without writing codes

22 Courses


Embedded Systems with 8051

Deep Dive into embedded systems with in-depth understanding of 8051 micro controller with embedded C programming. Learn Various interfaces and project making with industry’s most popular microcontroller 8051. With this hands on driven course you can learn 8051 even without having any hardware

36 Lectures


Learn to Build Advanced Embedded Systems using Arduino

The super simple and beginner friendly course to learn about embedded systems development with Arduino and C Programming. Learn from LEDs to sensors to I2C SPI Sd Card and lots of interfaces

65 Lectures



Get expert in Labview with this detailed online training on Labview programming with microcontroller based projects for data acquisition and device controlling

25 Lectures

Free Preview

30% Lectures of Each Course are free for you to preview. For many people, this much content is also enough to kickstart learning and get comfortable with it on your own. Access these preview and enroll after understanding full value of the courses

Premium Support

What distinguishes kitflix from any other online courses is the premium support. You get directly connected with the trainer over email and ask for any personalized suggestions. You can also ask about any other professional doubts and consultations directly

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