PCB design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES


Quickest and Easiest Way to start Designing Printed Circuit Boards in Just One day with Simplest PCB Design Tool

Learn PCB Design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES

Learn PCB Design using Simplest PCB Design tool
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Ever Thought That You Could Learn PCB Design In Just One Day?

This course is designed for absolute beginners to start designing PCBs in the quickest possible time; With Proteus ISIS design suite.

I firmly believe that everyone can learn and excel in technologies if there’s a strong desire to learn and proper guidance. Hence I’ve created this course to teach you about designing your PCBs using a computer-Aided Design tool called Proteus.  With Proteus, learning and designing your PCBs is just a matter of hardly one day. You’ll not only learn but also start designing your project PCBs in just one day if you complete this course. With over 10 years of experience in designing PCBs, I can easily say that no other design suite is as simple as proteus to learn and excel in.


What topics are covered inside this course?

Let me show you…

  • PCB Fundamentals
  • Single-Sided PCB Design
  • Double-Sided PCB Design
  • Using Autorouter
  • PCB using SMD components

What Will You Learn in this PCB Design’s online Course??

What’s in the course

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

PCB Design for Everyone

Are you an electronics hobbyist or professional or student who wants to learn Professional Level PCB Design? Are you looking for a powerful PCB Design tool that makes things very easier? Are you confused on which PCB tool to use for your next project? This course is perfectly suitable for you

Introduction To Proteus ISIS and ARES

Proteus is a professional Design suite intended for used by everyone including complete beginners to advanced modern designers. It has got all the features required to make it full-featured design suite, yet is very simple and there is a very low learning curve. With over 10 years of my own experience, I can guarantee you that no other tool is as simple as proteus ISIS for designing PCBs

Designing your First PCB

Create Schematic and Single Sided PCB Design

  • Create Schematic
  • Single-Sided PCB Design
  • PCB Routing
  • Dimensions And Holes
  • Practice Project on Single-Sided PCB Design
  • Project on Single-Sided PCB Design
  • Project PCB for Single-Sided PCB Design

Using Autorouter for Routing your PCBs

How to automatically route the entire PCB

  • How to use Autorouter in Proteus ARES
  • Additional Design Guidelines
  • Adding Copper Pour, drill holes, Printing your PCB for manual PCB Making
  • Print Layout for Manual PCB Making
  • Adding Copper Pour
  • Generate Gerber File

Double-Sided PCB Design

Learn How to design Double-sided PCBs

  • Double-Sided PCB Introduction
  • Create Schematic for Double Sided PCB
  • Create Double Sided PCB
  • Using Surface Mount Design Components, Using SMDs for PCB
  • Introduction to SMT Components
  • Creating SMD Component in Proteus
  • Attaching Footprint of SMD Components
  • PCB Design using SMT Components

Creating Custom Parts and PCB Design Tips


Creating Custom Component Footprints

  • Creating Custom Part
  • How To Decide Trace Width For Required Current
  • Download All Libraries and Models

Take the Course for Free 

Take the entire course for free. Yes there are no hidden charges or meaning to it whatsoever. This course is an attempt to make you get started learning faster than ever and that too completely free. Take full version of the course for free, for life


Meet your Instructor 

Amit Rana,  a passionate electronics engineer, developer and trainer!!!

Amit has installed more than 250 different projects in industries and have trained more than 50000 students across 147+ Countries



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Don’t worry! You won’t be bogged down with tons of theory and complex equations. We’ll start off with the basics of PCB Designing.You’ll learn in a fun, practical manner with lots of practice you’ll be able to graduate to the more advanced content in no time.

You’ll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

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