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Lesson 7 Using TV Remote Sensor

TV remote and its sensor: Television is an effective and popular medium through which we can get information as well as entertainment. We can get information about things which are happening in world. We are changing channels through its Remote and get connected to...

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Lesson 11 Using Light Meter ON Playme

Light Meter Light dependent resistor is a sensor which is commonly used to detect presence of light. It is used in many experiments for detection purpose, as a burglar alarm. Its value depends on light intensity. It is a type of resistor whose resistance whose value...

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Lesson 9 Sending Message On Computer

Sending message on Computer: In this lesson we are going to send message on computer screen using play me. For this we are using Serial communication. It is used for communication between the Controller board and a computer or other devices. In our life we are doing...

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Lesson 6 Using Mic Sound Sensor on Playme

Sensors  are sophisticated devices that are frequently used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals. A sensor converts the physical parameter into a signal which can be measured electrically. There are many types of sensors like temperature, sound...

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Lesson 5 Using Tri Color LED on Playme

Tri-Color LED: In previous lessons we have seen Light emitting diode on playme it is commonly known as Used LED1 and User LED2. These are single color LEDs which can give only one color when it turn ON. It may be RED,GREEN,BLUE etc. Tri-color LEDs are having three...

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Lesson 4 On Board Switch On Playme

On Board Switch Switches are an important part of most electronic circuits. Switches are mechanical devices with two or more leads (or terminals) that are internally connected to metal contacts. The simplest case, most circuits contain an on/off switch. In this lesson...

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