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Amit Rana

About The Course Creator, Amit Rana

Amit Rana is an Consultant for Industrial Internet of Things and Embedded Systems. He’s a Product Development Specialist in Electronics and also an Online and Corporate Trainer.

His online students count is more than 25000 and spans more than 149 Countries across the globe

He has Worked on multiple Embedded technologies and devices for development of customized embedded solutions for industries and various product development requirements.


M.E. Electronics, 12 Years of Experience.

Engineer, Developer and Trainer, Founder of Kitflix.com

25000+ Students

149+ Countries

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Are you Trying to Learn Raspberry Pi?

  • Do you feel lost in all the online tutorials and codes that don’t work, specially for IoT projects?
  • Are you feeling you should have someone by your side to solve any problem that comes in experimenting?
  • Are you tired of trying out the codes on internet that probably don’t work or get stuck someplace?

Everyone trying to learn it by themselves face the same problems. You are not alone and I can help.


“Very satisfied with the training. Overall was very engaging.

The only things I would like to see added going forward is, explanation of available sensors that can be used for IoT projects, more intro into different IoT platforms from AWS, Google, ThingWorxs and etc.. I want to know about  Micro-controllers like Arduino Uno a bit of introduction.”

Igor MarjinianIgor Marjinian

“This is really a great course to get a start to your PYTHON carrier. Instructor’s teaching methodology is great, very creative and great learning techniques are implied in the course to keep you excited and to learn everything with easy and in a comfortable way. Exercises are really helpful, I myself had a great experience doing them. For the beginners out there definitely you should go with this, this course will be great for you.”

Dipak BoreDipak Bore

“Your course is extremely good; I appreciate that you explain the physical behavior of pull-up and pull-down resistors, and capacitors, & why they work, how they work in analog to achieve a digital interface. That is so important to understand, rather than jsut following instructions to connect components, Now I have the knowledge to properly design my own circuits, not only the logic, but the underlying electronic properties.”

Mike RainsMike Rains

“This Course gives a very good insight into Raspberry Pi and Azure IoT. Also covers basic differences between Cloud Services. A very good start point. Lot of pointers given to further do more studies.”

Sandeep KelasangadaSandeep Kelasangada

“Amit has put his efforts on the course; all the source code, the slides. I began with a fairly mediocre knowledge of Python but this course served as a great launch pad for my knowledge.

Sunil MenhdirattaSunil Menhdiratta

Complete Course Syllabus

Course 1 : Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things

Chapter 1: Course Agenda 

1. Internet of Things Course Agenda

Chapter 2: Introduction

2. Introduction to Internet of Things
3. Choosing Cloud Service for IoT
4. What is Raspberry Pi Part 1
5. What is Raspberry Pi Part 2

Chapter 3: Raspberry Pi Installation

6. where to buy raspberry pi from
7. Downloading OS for Raspberry Pi Noobs-Raspbian
8. Install OS using NOOBS
9. Remote Control of Raspberry Pi Using VNC Viewer
10. Install OS using Raspbian Image part 1
11. Install OS using Raspbian Image Part 2

Chapter 4: Getting Around Raspberry Pi 

12. Getting Around Raspbian Operating System part 1
13. Getting Around Raspbian Operating System part 2
14. Getting Around Raspbian Operating System part 3
15. How To Run Python program On Raspberry Pi

Chapter 5:Raspberry Pi GPIO Output 

16. Raspberry PI GPIO Concepts
17. Raspberry Pi GPIO Interfacing Single LED
18. Raspberry Pi GPIO Interfacing Multiple LED’s
19. Rapberry Pi GPIO Interfacing Buzzer 

Chapter 6: Output From Raspberry Pi 

20. Raspberry Pi and Transistorized Switching
21. Raspberry Pi and Relay part 1
22. Raspberry Pi and Relay Part 2

Chapter 7: Inputs To Raspberry Pi 

23. Accepting Digital Input On Raspberry Pi Part 1
24. Accepting Digital Inputs On Raspberry Pi Part 2

Chapter 8: Sensor Interfacing 

25. Sensor Interfacing With Raspberry Pi LDR 1
26. Sensor Interfacing With Raspberry Pi LDR 2
27. Sensor Interfacing With Raspberry Pi LDR 3
28. Sensor Interfacing With Rapberry Pi DHTT11 part 1
29. Sensor Interfacing With Rapberry Pi DHTT11 part 2
30. Sensor Interfacing with Raspberry pi Using SenseHAT
31. Ultrasonic sensor with raspberry pi

Chapter 9:I2C Based Sensor Interfacing

32. BMP180 1
33. BMP 180 2
34. BMP180 3 Python Code

Chapter 10: Internet of Things with Microsoft Azure: Create IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure

35. Getting Started With IoT
36. Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Part 1
37. Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Part 2
38. Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Part 3
39. Create Device inside Azure IoT Hub
40. Enable Azure Cloud Shell and enable IoT Extension
41. Send Data to Azure IoT Hub Using Python Program
42. Send Actual Temperature and Humidity Values to Azure IoT hub
43. Storing The Data on Microsoft Azure Using Custom Gateway
44. Save data to blob storage using Stream Analytics Job
45. Data Visualization With Power BI Part 1
46. Data Visualization With Power BI Part 2
47. Creating Custom web app with azure for data visualization Part 1
48. Creating Custom web app with azure for data visualization Part 2
49. Creating Custom web app with azure for data visualization Part 3
50. Dealing with password error while pushing your webapp to azure
51. Cleaning up Azure Resources
52. Remote Monitoring using Azure Logic App Part 1
53. Remote Monitoring using Azure Logic App Part 2

Chpater IoT With Thingspeak: Create IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure

54. Introduction To Thingspeak
55. Create an account and send data to Thingspeak

Chapter 12: Learn a new platform, Adafruit IO:Create IoT Solution with Adafruit IO

54. Getting started with SaaS IoT Platform io.adafruit.com
55. What is MQTT
56. Sending Data To Adafruit Io Using MQTT part 1
57. Sending Data To Adafruit io Using MQTT part 2
58. Home automation project with adafruit IO Part 1
59. Home Automation Project With Adafruit IO Part 2

Chapter 60: IoT Security

60. IoT Security

Course 2 : Python Programming Beginners

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

1. Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Python 

1. Lecture 1: Software Installation
2. Installation of Python on Mac and Linux
3. Lecture 2: Hello World Program
4. Lecture 3: Program For Input and Output
5. Lecture 4: Program for Calculating Average of 5 Numbers

Chapter 3: Conditional Branching with Python

6. Lecture 5: If Loop In Python
7. Lecture 6: Program Using If Else loop part 1
8. Lecture 7: Program Using If Else loop part 2
9. Lecture 8: Program For Calculator
10. Lecture 9: Program Using For Loop
11. Lecture 10: Simple Tasks using for loop
12. Lecture 11: Program for For Table
13. Lecture 12: For loop and Mathematical Operator In Python
14. Lecture 13: Factorial Of Number Using Python
15. Lecture 14: Program Using While
16. Lecture 15: While Loop Example
17. Hands on Tasks for Practice

Chapter 4: Importing external/internal library in python

18. Lecture 16: Importing Library In Python

Chapter 5: Project Rock Paper and Scissors 

19. lecture 17: Rock Paper and Scissor Game

Chapter 6: Strings Operation in Python 

20. Lecture 18: Program Using String part 1
21. Lecture 19: Program Using String part 2
22. Lecture 20: Program Using String part 3
23. Lecture 21: Program Using String part 4

Chapter 7: Date and time in Python 

24. Lecture 22: Using in Date and Time in Python part 1
25. Lecture 23: Using in Date and Time in Python part 2

Chapter 8: File Handling, read and write using Python 

26. Lecture 24: Program for File Handling part 1
27. Lecture 25: Program for File Handling part 2

Chapter 9: Data Storage Structures, Tuple, List and Dictionary

28. Lecture 26: Tuple In Python Part 1
29. Lecture 27: Tuple In Python Part 2
30. List and Tuple Functions
31. Lecture 28: Using Lists part 1
32. Lecture 29: Using Lists part 2
33. Lecture 30: Using Lists part 3
34. Lecture 31: Using Lists part 4
35. Lecture 32: Using Lists part 5
36. Lecture 33: Use Of Dictionary Part 1
37. Lecture 34: Use Of Dictionary Part 2
38. Lecture 35: Use Of Dictionary Part 3
39. Lecture 36: Use Of Dictionary Part 4

Chapter 10: Writing user functions in Python 

40. Lecture 37: Function In Python Part 1
41. Lecture 38: Function In Python Part 2
42. Lecture 39: Function In Python Part 3
43. Lecture 40: Function In Python Part 4
44. Lecture 41: Function In Python Part 5

Chpater 11. Sending mail: How to send a text email using python programming and create a library for it

45. Lecture 42: Send Email part 1
46. Enable the less secure apps in gmail
47. Lecture 43: Send Email part 2 by creating library

Chapter 12: Import Tricks in Python: How we import external sources in python coding

48. Lecture 44: Studying Import part 1
49. Lecture 45: Studying Import part 2

Chapter 13: Import Operating System and Platform: Import os and Import platform libraries

50. Lecture 46: Importing Operating System part 1
51. Lecture 47: Importing Operating System part 2

Chapter 14: Exceptions handling in python: Learn how exceptions are handled in python

52. Lecture 48: Exception In Python part 1
53. Lecture 49: Exception In Python part 2
54. Lecture 50: Exception In Python part 3

Chapter 15: Installing Packages and Scheduling In Python

55. Lecture 51: Installing Packages using built in package manager
56. Lecture 52: Scheduler in Python

Chapter 16: DataBase In Python using sqlite3: Understand how to use sqlite3 database with python

57. Lecture 53: Data Base In Python Part 1
58. Lecture 54: Data Base In Python Part 2
59. Lecture 55: Data Base In Python Part 3
60. Lecture 56: Data Base In Python Part 4
61. Lecture 57: Data Base In Python Part 5

Chapter 17: Running Program from Command Prompt and jupyter Notebook 

62. Lecture 58: Integrated Development Environment part 1
63. Lecture 59: Integrated Development Environment part 2

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