Start Learning Embedded Systems with AVR Atmega32 Controller

Start Learning Embedded Systems with AVR Atmega32 Controller

A Beginner Friendly Course to Quickly Learn AVR Microcontrollers using Embedded C without having a development board

A super simple & easy to follow AVR Micro Controller  course specially designed for those who have never done embedded programming

What is included in this course?

8 Hours of Video Content


Full Lifetime Access

38 Lessons

Exercises and Solutions

Access Anywhere

Instructor Chat Support

Downloadable Resources

Course Completion Certificate

This Course is Suitable for Everyone Including

Beginner, Students who are curious to learn Micro controller Programming

Working Professionals willing to start studying embedded systems

Anyone interested to Learn Atmega32 Controllers

College and University students



Learning MicroControllers is simple when you have an expert with you

I have created this course to make learning AVR Controller easier and fun.

Anyone who has some understanding of electronics can enroll in this course and start experimenting with Atmega32

Have you been thinking of learning AVR microcontroller but couldn’t get a head start because its too confusing and you don’t have hardware?

And on the top of it the incomplete tutorials on internet just makes things worse.

Well this course is designed perfectly for those who wants to quickly start learning and experimenting.

Course Contains

Embedded Systems using AVR Atmega32


Analog to Digital Converter on Atmega32
Program Downloading on Hardware board
Embedded C Programming

Atmel Studio
LCD Interface
I/O Interfaces
Serial Port

  • How to download program into flash memory of microcontroller.

Why You Should Take This Course?

“I believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance. Hence I make these courses and 30% of all my courses is available for free preview, watch them, if you feel right, enroll!!! I hope you’d like this transparency!!!”

This is for Everyone interested in Micro Controller

Yes, Everyone, No Technical Skills needed, you can start fresh and still learn microcontrollers completely

Start Building Projects

All future guides and references provided to take the learning further

Instructor Support

This isn’t just a Video Course, It comes with a lifetime instructor support

LEARNING should not be LENGTHY!!!

My purpose is to get you started quickly with Atmega controller and start making systems fast, with less theory and more experimenting

Minimum Theory, Maximum Hands on

This is a complete 8+ hour hands on based self paced course              

Course Completion Certificate

Every attendee gets a webinar participation certificate

Learn Embedded Systems with one of the most influential and basic microcontrollers in history Atmega32!

  • I believe anyone can learn and excel using AVR controllers with Right guidance and proper tools.

    Hi, my name is Amit Rana and I have created this course to get started with learning AVR microcontrollers using C coding.

  • This is a complete beginner friendly Embedded systems course on AVR microcontroller. This course is designed for absolute beginners.

  • We’ll be studying and experimenting on atmega32 microcontroller in this course using all simulation tools so its totally fine if you don’t have any hardware tools with you.

  •  Features

    • Complete beginner friendly approach

    • Those who are complete strangers to embedded systems can also join and start experimenting with

    • Atmega32

    • All Practices on Simulation

    • All resources provided in single file

    • Required minimum Hardware exposure

You’ll start creating your first program within an hour of starting this course.

As promised, it’s a beginner friendly course and hence complicated discussions are not included in this course to make this simple for beginners to understand

 Anyone who has some understanding of electronics can enroll in this course and start experimenting with Atmega32

All practices are taken in simulation software so you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware for it.

By the end of the course, I’ll also give you a complete layout of Atmega32 development board which you can make for yourself.


  •  Take Free Preview, you’ll love it 🙂

    Take the free preview before enrolling the course, 30% of the course is free for you. Decide if its good for you or not even before enrolling. See and decide if you can understand and cope up with the content and the presenter of the course. I’ve spent hundreds (literally) of hours in creating this course and hence want to help maximum students with it. For many of the learners, even this 50% of the content is all they were looking to learn.

 After taking this course, you’ll be

  • • Confident and comfortable with Embedded

  • • Systems and its interfaces

  • • Able to create projects on atmega32

  • • Learn newer microcontroller with confidence

  • • Get good hands-on exercise on embedded

  • • C Coding

  • In this course, we’ll study about

    • • Fundamentals of embedded systems

    • • AVR microcontrollers architecture

    • • Pinout and features of atmega32

    • • Atmel studio and C programming with it

    • • Input and Output ports

    • • Analog to Digital Converters

    • • Timers

    • • Counters

    • • LCD interface

    • • Interrupts

    • • Serial Port interface

    • • How to perform all simulation And

    • • How to download program into flash memory of microcontroller.

Detailed Course Syllabus

11 sections • 38 lectures • 7h 14m total length

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction
2. What are AVR controllers
3. Getting started
4. Features of Atmega32 Microcontroller

Chapter 2: Input / Output on AVR:Learn configuration and usage of I/O Control on atmega32

5. Understanding Data Direction Register
6. First “Hello World” Program for atmega32
7. Interface 8 LEDs
8. Using individual pin to generate output
9. Accepting Inputs, Concepts of pullup/pulldown
10. Accepting Digital inputs
11. Task for Digital Input
12. Solution to Digital Input task

Chapter 3: Switching Circuits with Microcontroller: Understand various switching circuits to be used in embedded Systems

13. Switching Circuits-1
14. Switching Circuits – 2
15. Relay Switching

Chapter 4: Datasheet Reading: Understand how to read datasheet and use it for your projects

16. Datasheet Reading

Chapter 5: LCD Interfacing: What are types of LCD and how to interface text LCD with AVR

17. How to interface LCD – Part 1
18. How to interface LCD – Part 2
19. LCD Library
20. LCD Interfacing task

Chapter 6: Analog inputs on AVR: How to read analog signals using Analog-to-Digital Converter or ADC

21. What is ADC?
22. How to configure ADC on Atmega32

Chapter 7: Interrupts in AVR: How to use Interrupt in AVR Microcontrollers

23. What are Interrupts
24. Interrupts in Atmega32
25. How to use external Interrupts
26. External Interrupts and LCD

Chapter 8: Timers and Counters in AVR:How to configure and Use timers and Counters

27. What are Timers?
28.How to use timer
29. What is counter and how to use?
30. Timer as event counter

Chapter 9: Serial Communication: UART Serial Communication on Atmega32

31. What is Serial Communication
32. Serial Communication Example
33. Serial Communication in SimulIDE
34. Serial Communication in simulation

Chapter 10: Downloading Program in Atmega32: What are fuse bits and how to download program in AVR

35. What are fuse bits?
36. How to download program hex file into microcontroller memory

This is Not Just a Video Course , It comes with lifetime instructor support and Consultation

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“We believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance”

What our Students Say

” Wonderful class and filled in some holes that I had with this architecture.
Amit gets to real fundamentals and demystifies concepts in a very clear way. I am thankful for your clean explanation of DDRx,PORTx and PINx.”

Ann TrauschAnn Trausch

“The exercises are concise and well explained. Examples are excellent and easy to understand. A great course I would recommend to all!”

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“He actually taught me something ! much better than any professor I had in college.”

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“This course helped me to polish my skills and  giving me a clear concept.”

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“Explained and constructed well. Instructor was professional and could explain difficult topics clearly. I have enrolled for 8051 as well and all I can do is I will  recommend the course to everyone, who is interested in microcontrollers.”

Matti HarsuMatti Harsu

“My experience has been very great until now, especially The LCD interfacing section was really interesting! It is a very informative course.”

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“Very beginner friendly course . Awesome explanations . Easy to understand.”

Sohel RanaSohel Rana

“Very good course for clarifying all doubts about AVR atmega32”

Jitendra RanaJitendra Rana

Meet Your Instructor

Amit Rana

M.E. Electronics, 12 Years of Experience.

Engineer, Developer and Trainer, Founder of

Amit Rana is an Industrial Consultant for Internet of Things and Embedded Systems. Amit is a Product Development Specialist in Electronics and also an Online and Corporate Trainer.

Currently building a platform (kitflix) for everyone who is interested in learning electronics and related technologies.

Ranging from simple counter to IoT system for CNC machines and end to end product development for smart cars, Amit has made his passion for electronics and programming a hobby and a full time profession

By Education.

Total 12+ Years of Experience

Trained more than 25000 Students

So far Reach 157+ Countries

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Founder and Instructor, 2010-today

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Professional Consultant, 2019-today

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Founder and Instructor, 2017-today

His online students count is more than 19000 and spans more than 147 Countries across the globe

He has Worked on multiple Embedded technologies and devices for development of customized embedded solutions for industries and various product development requirements. Amit Rana is Master of Electronics engineering and has a total experience of 12 years, Amit is an avid reader and also loves cooking, he loves to read books on various topics and spend his spare time with his family cooking variety of dishes with his kids.

I am a Professional Expert Trainer at 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it true that I can get all this information for free on internet? Then why this course?

The answer is “yes”
absolutely you’ll get all the information shared and taught in this course for free on internet. But to make use of those information, you’ll have to juggle through countless old blog posts and videos and non-working source codes and circuit diagram. With this course, you’ll save all that time and get a clean information from single source which is perfectly crafted for learning. Moreover, any non-working code or circuit, you don’t have to figure out anything, just post a question and you get the answer.

Q. Why not offer the course free?

The course price we offer is carefully crafted keeping in mind many things, most importantly
–> You have lifetime access to this course and all its updates over time

–> The course payment helps us keep the platform alive and give you unparalled personalized support

Q. I have some other question

Please send me a message on support (at) kitflix dot com and I’ll be happy to assist you with any of your queries

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

Truly, you’ll have access to the course forever

Q. Can I request more content?

Absolutely!!! We love to add content upon student requests.

Q. Can I ask my questions even after completing the course

Yes, we know that there will be very little doubts while you’re learning. Everything seems obvious. But when you start making projects, then the real questions and doubts will hit you, and that’s exactly where we shine. We will answer your real time project queries as well.

Q. Can I see your course platform before deciding to Buy?

For sure, you can head over to this link and see the course platform right now

Q. Do you offer refunds?

Our Pricing is kept very affordable to just be able to run the platform, so sorry, we don’t offer refunds but I assure that you’ll get 10x value from the course itself.

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