Today everywhere on internet, newspapers, etc and everyone is discussing IoT

But did you ever tried to know what exactly is IoT?

When we Google it, Wikipedia says:

“The Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction”

So, Let’s understand it in an easy way 

The first start with expanding it, IoT, Internet of Things so as the name itself explains anything which has internet.
Simply put, IoT is about connecting machines or, as we refer to them, ‘things’ that were previously ‘dumb objects’, (think everything from your toaster to a security camera), to the internet to transmit the data they collect, monitor them by users.
Can you call out some names that you have seen or used in day to day life which have the internet?
I think the first thing that clicks our mind which has the internet is Mobile phones, Tablets, laptops might be the one you are using now for reading this article.
Here, things can be anything either your AC, your dog which has a collar belt that has the internet, your brother with a Fitbit watch and so on..

Still, confused?

Okay, Let me give you an example based on it’s working with an analogy

These days youngsters often roam around with their headphones and listening to music might be you also did so.

What exactly do you do just go to any music app or website and start playing it? You need not store all the songs available worldwide. You just go to the playlist and request to play and it takes data that is stored somewhere else and start playing songs for you.

Other names of IoT

IoT is there for a very long time. The names used throughout history may be different but the concept of IoT is very old. Previously various names were used depending upon the comfort of the user of the term IoT like

  1. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication
  2. Internet of Everything
  3. World size web

There are different concepts and different types of implementations all long the world.

 History of IoT

Let go to a decades ago and know from where we got this termed coined and by whom?

It was Kevin Ashton, a British visionary who coined the term Internet of things in a journal while he was working at Proctor and Gamble. It was back in 1999 and since then, then term IoT has become mainstream. People have also gone to an extent of explaining how IoT is different than M2M. There are technical differences because cloud computing is new, but essentially the concept is the same.

Components of IoT


  • IoT Devices: They are generally things + sensors integrated on it + internet connectivity. Their function is to read data from the sensor and sends it to the server.
  • Server: The server is the place where all the data stores, collected by IoT devices and requested by the receiver end.
  • Receiver: It includes users, some authorized users or data analytics who works on data’s for analysis it’s behavior

Let’s take an example.

IoT Device: Your dog’s + collar belt (with a sensor which gives its location)

After storing the owner’s home location, it keeps a record of the dog’s location and keeps sending that current location to the server.


It is sending you alert that he went far away from your house you can easily track him from office and share its location to your friend or family member to get him back.

Why IoT?

 In an article by Ashton published in the RFID Journal in 1999 said,

 “If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things – using data they gathered without any help from us – we would be able to track and count everything, and greatly reduce waste, loss, and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing, or recalling, and whether they were fresh or past their best. We need to empower computers with their means of gathering information, so they can see, hearand smell the world for themselves, in all its random glory.”

In simple words —-” To make things smart ” why?

Because for making our life easier since it will able to take action on small kinds of stuff based on already defined instructions.

Let’s take an example

Suppose your smart A.C did some it’s status check (same way our computer too ) and find some issue compressor so it will alert the user and ask permission for requesting service from its customer service office.

Where IoT is used?

IoT is the biggest industry of all because it covers all the industries

Automobile,Construction,Energy ,Consumer Electronics,Manufacturing,Agriculture,Defence,Security etc..

Presently IoT is more popular in industries to accomplished process more quickly, make effective use of resources, and monitor the process in a more efficient manner, and here it takes the name IIoT i.e. Industrial Internet of Things.

In simpler ways, the monitoring of various resources and decision making becomes easier.


Here, I am leaving you with food for thought

Are mobile phones are IoT device or not?

In the next article, we will continue our discussion on the kinds of stuff required for IoT projects.