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ESP32 and Internet of Things For Absolute Beginner


Amit Rana

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“I believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance. Hence I make these courses and 50% of all my courses is available for free preview, watch them, enroll only if you feel right !!!

I hope you’d like this transparency!!!”

Are you trying to study IoT with ESP32?

Are you getting confused with all the hardware and software stuffs?

Learning IoT with ESP32 can be sometimes confusing because of the lots of different esp32 boards available out there. Moreover there are tons of different arduino libraries for various purposes which simply confuses a new learner. Even experienced people struggle in experimenting with ESP32 and IOT

Stop Struggling to understand ESP32

I’ve created a course which will enable you to learn and experiment with ESP32 in a very easy way

I firmly believe that anyone regardless of their education and skills can not only learn but excel in experimenting with IoT including all the hardware and software skills.

“What is there to loose if you enroll in this bestseller course? You have a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee, enroll now and start experimenting on IoT”

Hi, My name is Amit Rana, I’m an engineer, programmer and trainer

I have created “ESP32 and Internet of Things For Absolute Beginners” to help you learn IoT with ESP32 within arduino environment.

If you’ve always wanted to

  • Start or shift your career in Embedded Systems or Internet of things
  • Get better in your existing work
  • Kick start your next dream IoT startup
  • Start your own blog and youtube channel, probably online course on this ever growing industry

… then this course is specially for you.

This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!

IoT is interconnecting various things and devices to send and receive data from internet enabling variety of applications

In this program, there are number of different aspects of IoT that we’re going to study

First, we’ll understand the basics of IoT and what are the different hardware and software platforms needed for it

We’ll then use ESP32  pi as our controller for this course and see how we can make it up and running. You’ll study which esp32 board is right for you which is universally available and dependable to be used in industrial projects. Then you’ll study the pinout and how to use esp32 inside arduino IDE. Next, we’ll see how to write C programs within arduino environment for esp32 for various interfaces like relays and sensors.

Once we get confident about experimenting with ESP32, we’ll then explore IoT with Thingspeak and Adafruit IO and finally try some projects including a full project on alexa integration.

“What is there to loose if you enroll in this bestseller course? You have a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee, enroll now and start experimenting on IoT”

In This Course, you’ll learn


  • What is IoT and why learning it is important
  • What is ESP32 and which board to use?
  • How to implement IoT, what are the required softwares and hardware for IoT
  • Introduction to C programming for ESP32
  • Understand the pinout
  • Interfacing of various sensors and output devices with ESP32
  • C programming to control home appliances and read sensors

IO Interfaces

  • LEDs, Switches Interfacing
  • Transistor and Relay Interfacing
  • AC Switching Circuits
  • Capacitive touch input and digital input
  • DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Interfacing

Internet of Things

  • What is IoT?
  • Different Hardware’s used for IoT
  • Communication Protocols used for IoT
  • Use cases


  • Creating account on thingspeak
  • Use HTTP requests to send data
  • Send data from ESP32 to thingspeak
  • Visualizations in ESP32
  • Analytics and Alerts in thingspeak

Adafruit IO

  • Deeper understanding of what is MQTT protocol
  • What are mqtt topics
  • Adafruit IO feeds, dashboards
  • Using adafruit IO for creating IoT project using MQTT protocol
  • Complete Home automation project using Raspberry pi and Adafruit IO

Alexa Integration

  • Understanding IFTTT
  • Integrating IFTTT with adafruit IO
  • Connecting Alexa to IFTTT
  • Lamp Control using Custom Alexa Voice Command

What this course will do for you?

  • Give you a clear understanding of what is IoT?
  • Take you from a complete fresher to an experienced ESP32 programmer
  • Understand IoT protocols
  • Design your IoT systems

Who Should Enroll?

  • Complete Beginners into IoT and ESP32
  • People who understand little in IoT and want to learn making projects
  • Freshers as well as experienced one’s

This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!!

I have been training and developing from past 10 years. With more than 50000 students trained across 150 countries, you can be assured that you’re in a good company. What’s more, there is always a 30 day money back guarantee so you’re safe about investing your money into this course.

What You'll Learn?

  • ESP32 SoC and Development Board
  • C Coding for ESP32
  • Why ESP32 is preferred for IoT
  • GPIO and Sensor interfacing with ESP32
  • IoT Protocols with ESP32 : HTTP and MQTT
  • Using Cloud platforms for IoT Projects
  • Complete Automation Project
  • Circuit Design Guidelines for integrating ESP32 in your project / product
  • IoT Working Professionals
  • Hobbyists and Freelancers working in IoT project development
  • Freshers in Electronics Domain and want to explore IoT with ESP32
  • Students
  • Basic Understanding of Arduino is recommended but not compulsory
  • Basic Understanding of Electronics Components

Course Content

  • Introduction to ESP32
    • 1 Introduction to ESP32

    • 2 Course Agenda

    • 3 Getting started with ESP32 Huzzah

    • 5 Things needed for this course

    • 4 Getting to know esp32 huzzah board

    • 6 Getting started with ESP32 within Arduino IDE

    • Resources for Course

  • Input Output Interfaces with ESP32
    • 7 How to generate multiple digital outputs

    • 8 Digital input on esp32 pull up and pull down

    • 9 Accepting switch input on esp32

    • 10 Switch input tasks

    • 11 Dc switching circuits

    • 12 Relay switching_circuit

    • 13 Relay Switching Circuit Hadson

  • Serial Communication
    • 14 Serial Communication Basics on ESP32

    • 15 Using Serial Print Command

    • 16 Using Serial Read

  • Sensors and Network Interfacing
    • 17 DHT22 sensor interfacing with esp32

    • 18 Esp32 device control

    • 19 LAN based weather monitoring

    • 20 Working of dht22 LAN code

    • 21 How to read Capacitive touch_inputs_on_esp32_board

  • Internet of Things
    • 22 What is internet of things

    • 23 IOT protocols and thingspeak

    • 24 Sending values to thingspeak from esp32

    • 25 Thingspeak visualizations

    • 26 Thingspeak analytics

    • 27 What is MQQT

    • 28 Adafruit iot project part_1

    • 29 Adafruit iot project part 2

    • 30 Adafruit iot project part 3

    • 31 Adafruit project part 4

    • 32 Alexa lamp control

  • Downloadable Resources
    • Download win zip file

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