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Amit is an engineer and Electronics Specialist, Online and Corporate Trainer. Amit has trained over 50000 students from 147 Countries in past decade. He's a avid reader and also love cooking. He loves to spend his spare time writing something new or cooking with family

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it was easy and explanatory

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really wonderfull

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This comprehensive course provides an outstanding introduction for beginners, offering precise and effective instruction on Raspberry Pi, Python programming, and fundamental electronics concepts.

2024-03-28 00:30:56

The course was very interesting

2024-03-04 07:15:14

so nice

2024-02-15 20:55:47

About Course :- Very good course to get started with Arduino for everyone irrespective of there background. Though I was looking for more implementable projects like home automation, IR remote projects, power relay projects, audio IC controller (PT2258), etc, there should have been another course regarding such as (Advance Embedded Systems Practical Projects with Arduino). I enrolled back in 2021 and have able to create several basic projects with success but now looking to scale up but have no option as of now. About Instructor :- I have also enrolled on other platforms but I found that as "Instructor" Mr. Amit Rana is best, because he instructors considering us as a newbie rather than IT Profession or a PRO (something I found which is required by others). He keeps topics very very simple and explains the concept as well and that is the key.

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It was amazing course!! Enjoyed a lot.. thank you so much for such a great learning Experience.

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i learn lot about Arduino happy to get my course completion certificate