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We firmly believe that with right guidance, anyone can learn and excel in using technologies. We do this by writing technical tutorials and creating highly engaging video learning content around a variety of different technologies including internet of things, programming, embedded system and PCB Design. All our courses are beginner friendly and perfectly suitable even if you’re complete newbee in technical field. Learn Technologies Online easily with kitflix.



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We’re passionate for Raspberry pi, Arduino, Internet of things and all things in between, just like you ❤️

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Clear, Concise, Comprehensive, and Practical with No Fluff!

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Boost Your Career Options

Everyone knows that its very difficult to find skilled person in embedded system and Internet of things skills. Improve your knowledge and get better suitable for your next job

embedded systems

Master a Top Coder Mindset

Learn with years of product development experience to create a master problem solving mindset with kitflix.

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Fast-track Your Learning

All our courses consist of small byte sized video to make learning easeir and faster

Prepare for Jobs

Learn embedded systems and learn Internet of things and ask as many question as you want on the topic to sharpen your embedded systems skills

World-Class Quality Videos

One of the best place on internet where you will find best quality video courses on embedded systems and internet of things

Learn both Theory & Practice

All our courses will give equal importance to theory as well as practical to create a perfect learning experience for you

Top-selling Courses

Internet Of things

Beginners Masterclass into Internet of Things with Raspberry  Pi and Microsoft Azure. Learn both Embedded systems and IoT applications with Raspberry pi

IoT using Node-red

Learn bits and bytes of Raspberry Pi & IoT using Node-red. A Beginners guide to getting started with Raspberry Pi and Node-red for IoT applications

Embedded Systems with 8051

Micro Controller using Embedded CLearn easily Micro Controller Programming and Interfacing with hardware

arduino tutorials

Advanced Embedded Systems using Arduino

Do you want to develop interesting projects and systems using Arduino and Learn Different Interfaces? This course is exactly crafted for you

Python Programming for beginners

A super simple & easy to follow Python programming course specially designed for those who have never done programming
blue and black circuit board

Arduino Programming with ardublockly

Learn Arduino without writing a single line of code, create 25 different projects with Arduino using ardublockly
learn pcb design online

PCB Design for everyone with EasyEDA a free and online tool

Learn PCB Design without any costly software, with easyeda: a free online and powerful tool for professional PCB Design

Learn the Art and Science of PCB Design with Eagle

Learn Circuit Design with the most widely used PCB Design tool in the world, Eagle!
learn pcb design online

PCB design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES

Quickest and Easiest Way to start Designing Printed Circuit Boards in Just One day with Simplest PCB Design Tool

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