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We firmly believe that with right guidance, anyone can learn and excel in using technologies. We do this by writing technical tutorials and creating highly engaging video learning content around a variety of different technologies including internet of things, programming, embedded system and PCB Design. All our courses are beginner friendly and perfectly suitable even if you’re complete newbee in technical field. Learn Technologies Online easily with kitflix.

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This has been a great journey so far. And I feel strongly satisfied with the course and the way trainer explained, every nitty gritty of the topic covered in this tutorial. I just took this course to have an idea about PCB design now I am able to engage in this course a lot

Kristen Hill

Working Professional

Great course so far! Explains the basics very well for someone who doesn’t know anything about PCBs. I am new to this and appreciate the thorough explanation. Looking forward to the rest of the course!

Geshan Weerasinghe

Full-time Student


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LDR Light Dependent Resistors

LDR Light Dependent Resistors

A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) is also called a photoresistor. The passive component is basically a resistor whose resistance value increases when the intensity of light decreases. The resistor behaves depending upon the amount of light falling on it. In general,...

Transistors used in electronics circuits

Transistors used in electronics circuits

Transistor is perhaps the most important of electronic components because of which all modern electronics works. A transistor is a semiconductor device commonly used to amplify or switch electronic signals. It's a Device with three terminals where one terminal can be...



Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, enabling you to listen to music on your mobile, tablet, laptop and home audio system, enjoy a film at the cinema or hear a friend's voice over the phone. In order to translate an electrical signal into an audible sound, speakers...



Resistors are those tiny little electronics components which opposes the flow of electric current. Whenever we try to build a small circuit, if a resistor is added into that circuit, the job of resistor is to resist (or oppose) the current flow. The value of...

What are Integrated Circuits

What are Integrated Circuits

IC is a short form for the name integrated circuit. We know that we purchase Masala Powder for some special cooking (like Pav-Bhaji Masala). What is this Masala Powder? Simply combination of some special spices in a fixed proportion developed for some Special Purpose....

Multi meter

Multi meter

Digital Multimeter is one of the most essential tools an electronics hobbyist should own. While developing electronics circuits, we come across lots of different parameters which needs to be checked, for example, voltage, current, resistance, continuity etc… there are...

How to Setup raspberry pi for the first time use

How to Setup raspberry pi for the first time use

What is Raspberry Pi? We've all heard about raspberry pi, haven't we? But there are many questions in every hobbyist and engineers mind about raspberry pi, for example What is exactly raspberry Pi? Why raspberry pi is used for? Is raspberry pi a processor/micro...

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