In previous lessons, we have learned a lot of things regarding to Electronics, its components, Circuits and various platforms for circuit mounting. In this session we will learn the actual Circuit making using a very interesting plat form ‘Bread Board‘. The process is simple and easy to understand. We have to follow some steps to build perfect circuit. In this lesson we will build a basic circuit of led and resistor. We will turn ON led with the help of resistor and supply.

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram

Components  Required:

  • Light emitting diode = LED1
  • Resistor:R1=1 Kilo Ohm
  • Color Code for 1 K Ohm : Brown-Black-Red-Golden
  • Battery: 9 Volts
  • Bread Board

Step 1:

Take a bread board and start to mount component on it.

Bread Board

Step 2:

Connect resistor of 1 Kilo Ohm on breadboard as shown in below image.

Connecting a Resistor

Step 3:

Connect Led on the Bread board.

LED Connection

Step 4:

Connect Anode terminal of Led to one terminal of resistor and Cathode to Ground terminal.

Anode and Cathode Terminals

Blue wire is connected between Anode i.e positive terminal of Led and resistor. Black Wire is connected to Cathode i.e. Negative terminal of Led.

Step 5:

After completion of all  connections connect battery to the bread board Circuit. As shown in image insert positive and negative terminal correctly. Led will Glow after giving supply to it.

Battery Connection